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Smart Client Software Factory Contribution v 1.0

Release description:


This project provides a layer for Composite UI Application Block (CAB) based on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). The released version from patterns & practices provides the Winforms layer. This new layer replaces the Winforms layer and allows developers to utilize the CAB from within a pure WPF application without resorting to Winforms interop. The implementation strives to recreate all the functionality present for Winforms CAB developers in a pure WPF form.

See the documentation of this project.

Outlook Bar Workspace & Quickstart

This is a workspace that provides a user experience like the Outlook Navigation bar. It allows the developer to add a smartpart to it with a SmartPartInfo that provides information like the icon and the text of the button. The workspace will provide the look and feel automatically.

The following screenshots shows the Outlook Bar sample application that shows how to use this workspace.


CAB Visualizer using WPF

A CAB Visualizer is a tool that you can use to understand what happens behind the scenes in any CAB application. It will show the skeleton of workitems, smartparts, workspaces, commands, event topics and services. As an example of the behavior the visualizer has, when a workitem is activated It will be highlighted with yellow.



BankTeller Quickstart using SCSF 2007

Full port of CAB Bank Teller Quickstart to SCSF May 2007 (Winforms shell + Winforms smartparts)



See the documentation of this project.

BanTeller Quickstart using SCSF 2007 and WPF

Full port of CAB Bank Teller Quickstart to SCSF May 2007 WPF (Winforms shell WPF smartparts)



See the documentation of this project.

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