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How to Deploy a SCSF application - Please help

Dec 3, 2008 at 3:09 PM
Edited Dec 4, 2008 at 4:55 AM
To do a deployment of a SCSF application I did the following steps. But for me I am getting the blank screen.

  • I Downloaded 'SmartClientContrib-Release1.5-src' from the link 
  • I opened 'BankTellerWpf.sln' from the Samples.
  • Executed by Pressing F5 key, and I am able to see the output correctly.
  • Now I want to publish (deploy) from another machine / same machine using a URL.
  • For that first I right clicked on the 'BankShell' Project (which is the startup project) in the Project Explorer and selected the Option 'Publish'.
  • I given following inputs in the publishing wizards
    • Where do you want to publish the application = D:\TestPublish\
    • How will users install the application = From a website ( http://localhost/bank/)
    • Will the application be availabel offline = Yes
    • Then Finish
  •  The wizard successfully created a set of files
  • In IIS, I created a virtual directoyr 'bank' and pointed to 'D:\TestPublish'
  • Opened the browser and typed 'http://localhost/bank/publish.htm'
  • The window with install option appeared and installed without showing any error.
  • And the application is opened with full of blank space (full of white color , no controls loaded)

Please guide me to how to deploy this, to see what I have seen while executing the project using 'F5' key.

Thanks in advance