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Themes in WPFCAB

May 20, 2008 at 10:50 AM

Does anyone have any thoughts about to organise and access custom WPF themes and styles in their WPFCAB application that they wouldn't mind sharing?

We have a custom theme set up in a single ResourceDictionary in the Shell which we will want to swap out at some point for other, user selectable themes. This has worked fine so far. However, recently we have added some new controls with mulitple styles that live outside of the shell. Ideally, we want our theme-specific styles to live in one place and be accessible from other modules, but do not want to create unnecessary dependencies on the shell, so are looking at pulling out themes into their own assembly and potentially creating a theme manager. It would be interesting to know how others have tackled this issue. Any comments?

NB our themes are completely custom and not based on the Windows themes.