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Feb 18, 2008 at 8:29 AM

We have invested a lot of time and effort in building our own Composite UI Framework on top of SCSF June 2006 release as the base. We have plugged-in our own logger, configuration, security and a lot more features for our customers. All is based on WinForms.

We are now being requested by our customers to support WPF in our Framework. Few questions

1. We have invested a lot of effort onto building our UI framework on top of SCSF june 2006 release which only supports WinForms. What is the suggested way to port our framework to support WPF?
2. Is it best to extend the SCSFContrib project and build our own UI Framwork right from scratch as we did with SCSF june 2006 release?
3. Will the SCSF contrib project support both WPF and Winforms development? If so, what are its pros and cons? I heard that WPF and Winforms interop has some disadvantages and that we cannot use exploit the full functionalities of WPF? If so what are they?
4. How will the support model for the SCSF contrib project look like?

Please suggest what would be the best migration model for us in this case?