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Assorted WPF & SCSF Questions

Nov 22, 2007 at 11:25 AM

I am currently looking at using the SC Contrib as a framework for building a composite application using WPF. Being new to the SCSF there is a lot to learn. I have tried piecing together various bits of information from different sources to formulate a list of questions which I hope people can help answer.

1 I note that there is a guidance package for generating a skeleton WPF SCSF application available from the "Smart Client Software Factory WPF Support" CodePlex project. However, I am having problems using the application wizard to reference the CAB dlls (see Does anyone know if there is a solution to this?
2 Having guidance packages available for generating WPF applications, views, etc seems really useful. Has anyone updated these for the SC Contrib project? (I believe the SC Contrib project is an evolution of the Smart Client Software Factory WPF Support project).
3 What is the situation with regard to VS2008 compatibility. For example, can the guidance packages be used with VS2008?

Generally speaking, what kind of workflow do others use for developing a WPF SCSF application? Is there a clean, streamlined approach to this process or is it a case of having to use workarounds?

Finally, can anyone provide any information as to what some of the compromises are in developing using the SCSF Contrib WPF framework over a pure WPF application? With the P&P team developing a composite application framework targeted at WPF, I'm kind of curious to know what functionality they can leverage that isn't readily exposed or exploited by the SCSF Contrib implementation.

It's great to see so much development going on in this area, but it sure is confusing at times.