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by PandaWood
Jul 13, 2008
3:15 PM


The main goal of this patch, was to add 2 properties to FormWorkspace and then add a dialog to the DemoApp, that used the new features - since the DemoApp doesn't contain an example of the FormWorkspace now. To this end, please check: FormWorkspace, FormSmartPartInfo, AboutView, SCSFContrib.DemoWorkshop.Infrastructure.Module.ModuleController and related classes.
A lot of other files have been modified in this patch, because I couldn't resist a bunch of ReSharper suggestions such as namespace cleanups, object initializers and automatic properties - FormSmartPartInfo was 134 lines of code, and it's come down to 81 lines - and that's with adding 2 properties - if it's OK me hacking away at the code like this, you could accept all the changes.

Declined Jul 20, 2008: I'm declining this myself for 2 reasons: 1) because I've been added as a Developer and I can make the changes directly myself 2) there are too many changes here - I will split the change up into bite size chunks. For example, I will isolate the FormWorkspace and DemoApp changes into a single commit and then make any 'cleanup' changes as part of another commit. Mainly to make it easy for users to see 1 change per commit and also to be able to rollback any particular change if it doesn't work out.

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