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Tab order in dockpanel workspace

Jul 11, 2008 at 3:04 AM
I have created a shell using dockpanel workspace, it looks same as VS studio with one view on left ,one on right and one on bottom.
In the middle i have different views coming as tabs, Now the problem is this if i have four views opened in the middle portion and somebody closes
one of them the focus goes to the first view.

I know i should be more clear ok let me try this when i am creating this discussion i can see there are 8 tabs (Home ,Releases, Discussion, Issue tracker and so on)
what i want is, if somebody closes the issue tracker tab( if it was possible)  the focus should go to discussion tab rather than home tab ( which is happening in my application it goes to home tab)

So is it possible that i can control the tab order on closing of view..

If i am still not clear please reply i'll try to post it again.