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Style inheritance

Sep 14, 2007 at 9:58 AM
Hi, I wrote a class which inherits from tabControl and added some functionality. I defined its style/template in Themes/generic.xaml. I compiled it in a dll and used it within a host application without any kind of problem regarding to its style/template.
In the SCSFContrib.CompositeUI.WPF project, I changed the TAbWorkspace to use my control instead of the TAbControl. When I test it, the functionality of my control works, but the style/template I defined doesnt. It shows the base style/template of the TabControl class. So, which steps are required in order to show my styles/template defined in my dll? Also, when I define styles in the app.xaml in the Shell Application, the modules doesnt have access to them. I define a style for every control of type Button, but the buttons inside the modules showed the default style.